Pecan Crusted Pork Chops

Pat dry the pork chops with paper towel.

Gather 3 large flat dishes. Place cornstarch in the first flat dish and press each chop into it until well coated.

In the second flat dish, whisk egg until beaten. Dip each pork chop in the egg to coat.

Mix together crushed pecans, brown sugar, salt, and allspice in the third flat dish.

Place the pork chops in the pecan mixture to coat both sides. Sprinkle the mixture on wherever coating isn't adhering, until fully encrusted.

Heat the oil, about 1/2 inch deep, in an electric skillet. Cook the pork chops on each side until it reaches an internal temperature between 145 - 160 degrees F.

Drain the pork chops briefly on paper towel or a wire rack then serve.

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