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Red onion

front view of Chicken Spinach Sandwich up close

Chicken Spinach Sandwiches

Chicken Spinach Sandwiches have tender juicy Italian seasoned chicken combined with fresh baby spinach leaves, sweet red onion sauce, provolone cheese, and garlic mayonnaise sauce on a deli sandwich roll. Also known as Chicken Florentine Sandwiches, this recipe is easy and quick, ready in about 30 minutes. These sandwiches make a great lunch, dinner or …

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Greek Feta Burgers

Big Fat Greek Feta Burgers

Greek Feta Burgers are big, delicious, juicy and beefy topped with lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, red onion, and a creamy cucumber sauce. This small batch recipe serves 2 and makes a great lunch, dinner, or romantic date night meal. Easy and quick, ready in just 15 minutes. How to make it: In a medium bowl, combine …

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