Breakfast Crunchwraps

By on June 8, 2017
Breakfast Crunchwraps - delicious crispy golden brown shell

Breakfast Crunchwraps are an easy and delicious alternative to breakfast burritos which don’t have this amazing crispy fried golden brown tortilla shell. These are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner for two. The filling options are endless and you can add any of the breakfast ingredients you love the most. In a large pan fry […]

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Side Dishes

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

By on May 17, 2017
Au Gratin Potatoes - creamy and delicious!

These Au Gratin Potatoes are deliciously creamy and cheesy. We really loved the added flavor of the onion baked inside. This recipe serves two people and could be cooked in individual dishes for a romantic dinner. Plan ahead as it takes 1 ½ hours to bake, but is so worth it! Preheat oven to 400 […]

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Individual Chicken Pot Pies

By on May 15, 2017
Chicken Pot Pie for Two - easy and delicious!

This Chicken Pot Pie is the best! It’s so delicious and easy and also easy on your wallet! Juicy chicken mixed with peas, carrots, onion and creamy chicken soup are topped with a flaky golden crust. The house smells amazing when it is baking and in just one hour you have the most perfect filling […]

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Individual Cheddar Meatloaves

By on May 2, 2017
Individual Cheddar Meatloaves - perfect size and delicious taste!

These individual meatloaves are filled with gooey cheddar and onion with a sweet barbecue topping. You could add a little heat to the barbecue by adding a dash of cayenne to it. This is another great option for your next romantic dinner for two. I like to serve mine with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. […]

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Beer Brats and Caramelized Onions

By on May 1, 2017
Beer Brats and Caramelized Onions with mustard

We love this method for making brats! Brown the brats on the grill, caramelize the onions, then savor the smell of your brats simmering in a lovely brown ale. The brats are tender and juicy and are perfect topped with the onions and your favorite mustard or whatever else you like. Here are the ingredients […]

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